- Classes and rules -

In the sub-menus below, you’ll find general information on the types of classes that typically run at The Lower Level (#TheLowerLevel) .. This is not an all-inclusive list nor is it exhaustive. It’s intended to offer a general guideline of the classes offered ..

The Lower Level often hosts several traveling series and conducts many of its own Special Events throughout the season . Any specific rules and classes will be listed on our Facebook page and on the Calendar Page for the specific dates (usually in Purple) for the corresponding events. Any further questions can be answered on the Facebook post itself, via direct message on Facebook, or by email to: phil@lowerlevelrc.com

- Code of Conduct -


  • The Lower Level strives to provide a fun and family friendly atmosphere for all ages. Please be respectful. The following will not be tolerated:
    • Foul, crude, or profane language.
    • Disrespectful or unsportsman-like conduct.
    • Smoking anywhere in the building. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are also banned anywhere in the building.
    • Any other behavior that the race director or The Lower Level deems inappropriate.
  • Racers must bring a towel or pit mat to protect the tables.
  • Racers must pick up their own trash at the end of the day.
  • Please keep the restrooms neat and clean. We’re not your mother; nobody’s getting paid to clean them.
  • The sand buckets are for Li-Po battery fires only. They’re not to be used for general trash or discarding your safe, used batteries.
  • LiPo batteries must be charged in flame retardant charging sacks designed for LiPo batteries.
  • The Lower Level is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  • Unless given specific permission by the race director, you must marshal the race immediately following yours.
  • Severe or repeat offenders of the code of conduct and rules will be banned permanently by The Lower Level. Any illegal activity will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

- Requirements for all Classes -


  • All LiPo batteries must have a hard case.
  • Batteries must NOT be charged beyond their design voltage (4.20V per cell for standard LiPo’s).
  • No receiver packs allowed for any classes except for modified classes.
  • No “super caps”. Capacitors cannot exceed 10,000 micro farads.
  • No reverse allowed. It must be locked out in your speed control.
  • All vehicles must meet their class’s minimum ride height requirements. No part of the vehicle can drag on the carpet. 3mm minimum for 1/12 scale pan cars and 5mm minimum for most other classes. See class rules for specific requirements.
  • All vehicles must be free of dirt, mud, oil, etc. Protecting our carpet racing surface is top priority.
  • Racers must provide their own transponders. The Lower Level accommodates most styles of both 2 and 3 wire transponders.
  • If we do not have at least three vehicles in a class, we may (at the race director’s discretion) combine classes.
On Road Racing
Off Road Racing
Oval Racing